AEGIS, founded in Hong Kong in 2013, has service products and service modes including business investment and financing risk assessment, due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, employment risk monitoring, supply chain compliance investigation, IPO compliance investigation, etc. With exponential growth, it has become a reputable leading business in the industry...
Message from Founders:

AEGIS strives to be the best provider of compliance investigations and due diligence services

Bruce Lau

Thanks to the support and trust of its clients,
AEGIS is able to come this far.

Our Advantages

Due to the restrictions of the Non-Disclose Agreement (NDA), we cannot present you here the clients we have served. But we assure you that we are a great partner, and sincerely hope to achieve win-win cooperation with you in the future.
  • 80+

    Pre-IPO Per year

  • 400+

    In-depth Project for M&A,
    Pre Investment and Conflict of Interest
    Per year

  • 4000+

    General Due Diligence
    Per year

  • 1800+

    Immigration Due Diligence
    Per year


AEGIS has become a reputable company in the industry through eight years of business development, and its goals and business visions still remain the same. It pays extra attention to avoid directly contacting end clients and devotedly provides one-stop investigation services for world-renowned consulting and investigation companies, achieving win-win success and endeavoring to be a reliable and top-notch compliance investigation service provider in China.
  • Corporate Investigations

    Through official and open channels, AEGIS searches matching names, registration numbers, and affiliated companies of the subjects for relevant information.Such information is normally divided into three categories: company registration information and changes, directors, executives, shareholders, annual financial data, and intellectual property rights; commercial activities or investments; adverse records, financial irregularities, blacklists, and sanctions that involve the subjects and have been disclosed to the public.
  • Business Intelligence

    Business intelligence reports are vital to present the business conditions, development potential and market competitiveness of the subjects, and also provide an important means to learn about competitors, partners, investees, etc. Normally, numerous key word-based information of the subjects is collected in the first step, and then more in-depth information will be revealed through on-site visits and professional investigations. Using such data and special analysis models, customized business intelligence reports are finalized.
  • KYC/Due Diligence Checks

    Based on the KYC (Know Your Customer) Principle, AEGIS conducts investigations to assist its clients in fully learning about their clients’ identities, addresses and business activities. The KYC-based investigations are effective means to keep money laundering, identity theft, financial fraud and other criminal acts in check, and to ensure transaction security. Normally, through due diligence checks, such investigations verify clients’ identities, sources of wealth, business operations, beneficial ownership and other information.
  • Employment Background Check

    In view of costly signaling and information asymmetry between employers and employees or job candidates, employers adopt employment background check to solve such information asymmetries. Employment background check is the process of verifying information that job candidates or employees supply on their resumes, through legal means.
  • Market Survey

    AEGIS conducts market surveys by using professional approaches, systematically gathering information and analyzing the operating rules, development prospects and market needs of a certain industry for specific purposes. An objective and professional market survey report enables a relevant decision maker to gain an accurate understanding of the target market and thus to make the right business decisions through market forecasting.
  • Immigration Due Diligence

    Background check is a must for immigration applications as stipulated by relevant laws and regulations. Failure to conduct a thorough due diligence may bring grave potential risks, such as, accepting applicants involved in fraud, money l aundering and other criminal activities. Immigration due diligence services of AEGIS are designed and developed for clients specialized in immigration related business.